customer comments

"Love my Empowering Chicks candle, they smell so wonderful and uplifting and last forever. Can't wait to get a new one, it's a good feeling to know I'm supporting such a great cause."

Natasha Coyle (WA)

“I’m hooked. The packaging is so beautiful and the smell is amazing. I really like the concept too, its inspiring and unique.”

Ebony Grace (WA)

"What an amazing concept and wonderful cause. I feel so empowered after learning about what you do. The candles smell so delicious. My candle has lasted over 6 months."

Amanda Balakrishnan (WA)

"Love these candles! They smell amazing and 100% of the profits goes to sending girls to school in third world countries which is so amazing!"

Rebecca Miller (WA)

"Beautiful product and such a good cause! they make the best gifts highly recommend!!"

Sandy Gray (WA)

"What Louise and her team at Empowering Chicks do is incredible. Such a great team and fantastic cause to help women in poverty stricken countries. The candles smell amazing, my favourite is the Key Lime Pie with Whipped Coconut Cream fragrance. Keep up the good work girls!"

Sharon Marshall (WA)

"Empowering Chicks is about women helping and empowering girls with dreams to become women with vision and opportunity. By purchasing a beautiful triple scented soy candle you can make a difference by giving a girl the gift of education. I absolutely love my Key Lime Pie with whipped coconut cream candle. Perfectly packaged and seriously delicious scent."

Veronica Whitehead (WA) 

"I just purchased one of your candles. Love everything about you. Thank you for making the world a better place especially for the women. xxxxxxx."

Pamela Smith Sherlock

"Now burning my second candle!!!! Wow, I love these candles SO MUCH I can't get enough of them......and what an amazing cause... well done ladies on an amazing product, FIVE STARS."

Nicola Russell (WA)

"Loving my new office candle. As a health facilitator and Naturopath I empower clients with knowledge about their health EVERYDAY...but I see way too many people out there expecting perfection... life is NOT PERFECT but it's what you make it- and that's REAL! MAKE YOUR REALITY PERFECT FOR YOU. (CANDLE REAL NOT PERFECT:))."

Womanly Wisdom Sessions (WA)

"I love hearing stories of local Perth folks who are using their powers for good. Empowering chicks give 100% of their profits to educating girls in the developing world. Which has got to make you feel even better about buying their awesome soy candles. ."

Perths. Best (WA)

"I adore these candles!! They smell incredible and make lovely gifts and all for such a great cause. No hesitation in recommending these amazing candles"

Michelle Conway (WA)

"These soy candles are amazing! Key Lime Pie with Whipped Coconut Cream would have to be my favourite scent this month. What makes these candles even more amazing than their gorgeous smell is knowing that with every purchase 100% of the profits goes towards educating girls in poverty stricken countries like Sierra Leone and Uganda."

Rebecca Abbonizio (WA)

"Love these candles - they smell divine. What I love more however is how purchasing a candle educates young girls in third world countries, giving them more opportunity to support and empower themselves and to also create positive change in turn for those around them. Creating a beautiful flow on effect. Love the work of Empowering Chicks".

Tamara Burrell (WA)

"I have brought quite a few candles for gifts in Gilbert's. I love them and to be honest I didn't think of the scent initially. I love the fact that they are soy and have no nasty chemicals. I really like the inspirational quotes but most of all they are raising money for a cause that is very important".

BernieAnto Keane

"Such a great cause to be involved in. The candles are a top shelf product and smell amazing. They are a quality gift or a beautiful treat for yourself. Well done Empowering Chicks."

Natasha Thomas (WA) 

I am a massive supporter of this worthy cause. I am now in my 3rd candle now, all scents are glorious and STRONG, I find just leaving the lid off fills a room with its aroma. x

Angelina - Arcaro Couture (WA)

"I love scented candles and love the idea that I'm supporting a girls education by buying a candle!!. The Key Lime Pie with Whipped Coconut Cream is amazing. Its very high quality, I will defiantly buy again. ."

Reem Kubba (WA)

"Amazing candles and what a great cause. Brilliant idea for birthdays or any occasion. The gift that gives back!! I love all their fragrances. Awesome work Empowering Chicks!"

Sue Olton (WA)

"The work and passion Louise and her girls put into these amazing candles is inspiration. You can spoil yourself or they make special gifts while they are helping girls in third world countries better themselves"

Alison Delargie (WA) 

"Absolutely love the candles! The strawberry and champagne summertime grantia candle is my favourite! What I love most about the candles though is their "WHY" these candles are empowering girls living in the poorest countries in the world and that makes them very special."

Amiee Duff (WA)

You have NEVER really smelt a candle until you have tried one from Empowering Chicks! Each candle gives a girl a month of education and sanitary products to a girl through "One Girl" and they are made right here in Perth (WA)! Incredible scents, all I do is take the lid off and it fills the room......I want to eat my house! Everyone who comes in my house wants one too. Such a quality product and 100% of the profits are donated. The ladies who created this company did it purely to empower girls in poverty stricken countries through the gift of education. Love what they are doing - check them out!

Fashionablylifeconscious (WA)

"These candles are amazing quality, the best I have come across. The fragrances are so delicious and I love the sayings on the jars I can really relate to them and it inspirers me to do more of my own crafts. Knowing I'm supporting such a great cause is an amazing feeling".

Silke Zander (WA)