Suzan is just 14 years old, but already she’s a budding entrepreneur.
She’s part of the One Girl’s Business Brains program in Uganda.


The One Girl’s Business Brains program in Uganda- where girls and women are equipped with small business and life-skills so they can start their own small business to help support themselves and their families. Suzan says the impact of joining the Business Brains was immediate: “After the first training session, I felt empowered and had this burning desire to start a business. I enrolled in the program and by the second month of the training I was able to start a business. I sell vegetables: tomatoes, eggplants, amaranth, cabbages and more.”

Suzan is seriously proud of her business and so she should be – its already proved to be a life-changing experience for her. The profits from her business have enabled her to buy books and enrol in secondary school, and she also used her leftover profits to buy a piglet. Her dreams is to rear the piglet well so it can go on to produce more piglets, which Suzan can sell to pay for her ongoing school fees, and reinvest any remaining money back into her business to make it even more profitable.

Suzan says, “ I am happy because I was able to join secondary school this year through doing my business and also bought a pig. My business has helped my family.”

Stories like Suzan’s reminds us of what incredible things are possible when girls are given the opportunity to dream, and the chance to make those dreams a reality.

We couldn’t be prouder to partner with One Girl in their mission educate and empower girls just like Suzan.

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