This is Fatmata, she just made One Girl history

Imagine this. You’re a student in your final years at high school in Sierra Leone. You’re studying nine different subjects – nine! In Australia it’s usually four or five. And those nine subjects are spread across a whole range of areas, from Financial Accounting and Maths through to English Lit and Biology. So you need to be an all-rounder.


Now imagine that every night when you’re doing homework or studying for your nine exams, there’s a bunch of siblings – five, seven, maybe 10 kids in the house with you. It’s a two-room house so it’s crowded. And there’s no electricity. So along with all the noise and activity, you’re studying by a kerosene lamp that smells and leaves your eyes stinging.

You’re probably hungry at least part of every day. You seldom have lunch. And there’s no snacks or cups of tea to keep you going while you study. On top of your studies, you have other chores and responsibilities – especially if you’re living in a struggling household with a grandmother or single aunty whose only income comes from selling small items on the street. Even getting to school can be a challenge. There’s no school bus – you might have to walk hours each way, every day.

Sounds challenging to say the least. This is the reality for every single one of our scholarship girls. They all balance a heavy school load with challenging living arrangements, most are orphaned having lost one or both parents, they deal daily with shortages of food and even water.

That’s why we’re so incredibly proud every year when another cohort of girls rises above all those challenges and finally graduates high school. And why we’re totally blown away when we hear about superstars like Fatmata Turay!

In Sierra Leone, even making it to the final years of high school is an achievement. If you’re a girl, it’s a miracle. You’re a rarity just getting there – let alone attaining incredible marks.

This year Fatmata made One Girl history. Fatmata finished her final year not just passing, but in many cases excelling in all nine subjects. It’s an incredible achievement and the skills she’s developed along the way will stay with her for life. We are humbled to know that we’ve played a role in Fatmata reaching her potential through the support of our scholarship program – and that is something YOU can take credit for.

Because it’s through your support of our scholars that we can see incredible girls like Fatmata with her history-making results, make it to their Graduation day.

So thank you.


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