Augusta's Story

Augusta is about to step into her future. She’s excited to be graduating next year – but knows there’ll be plenty of challenges too.


Right now she’s flourishing at school, has her friends around her and gets loads of support and encouragement from teachers and our One Girl team. Leaving all that behind to head out into the world will be a big change. It is for all our scholarship girls.

But for Augusta there’s more to it.

She’s the oldest of nine siblings – and the only one who stayed in school. Since her father died two years ago, the family’s only income has come from her mum’s trading business. Augusta will have to do whatever she can to help that business and hopefully make life easier for everyone. It’s a lot of responsibility for an 18 year old!

Amazingly Augusta isn’t thinking “poor me – all that pressure.” She knows her family will be depending on her. But she’s confident she’s learned what she needs to know.


In her first year of secondary school she decided to specialise in the commercial stream – learning subjects like accounting and business finance. Four years on she’s got a solid understanding of how businesses work.

It won’t be easy – and it’ll probably take some time before she can really make an impact. But Augusta’s education means her family now has a real chance at financial security.

You’d think that would be a big enough goal. Creating a stable life for 11 people who currently live in great hardship. But Augusta is dreaming much bigger.

“When I have started working and have money I can go to the orphanage so I can help the children. I want to have the courage to do for them the same way you are doing for us,” she told us.

That’s her amazing dream. The day we met her she was even wearing a shirt with “dreams” written on it!

Our scholarship girls are not just inspiring because of what they’ll achieve for themselves, but also for the powerful force they will become in their families and their communities.


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